Saturday, February 23, 2013

By Request


pete's list of scary scales, themselves ranked in order of scariness, which rank

stuff that is potentially scary or dangerous, with an addendum suggesting

other scales that should be implemented:

1 - torino scale (asteroid impact danger/severity)

2 - ines (international nuclear event scale; radiation events)

3 - zay's numeric speed scale (meteor's relative motion to you as it burns up

in atmosphere. nota bene: if it doesn't appear to be moving, then it's coming

right at you)

4 - richter scale (earthquakes)

5 - fujita scale (tornadoes)

6 - saffir/simpson (hurricanes)

7 - terror alert scale (see tom ridge for details)

8 - mercalli scale (less popular, also earthquakes, but not their pure power,

rather their visible impact)

9 - CMAQ (air quality)

10 - beaufort scale (wind speed)

11 - the dee snowstorm scale (snowfall intensity)

12 - noaa space scales (radio blackout; geomagnetic storms; solar radiation)

appendix a, some other scales that should be invented, with suggested


road rage quotient (color coded)

house egging probability (geographic overlay)

fart stank scale (1-5)

drunk scale (1-5)

insanity scale (let's go 1-10 on this for nuanced measurements)

postgame riot scale (also let's go 1-10 with one being women getting hair

pulled because they were wearing wrong jersey and ten being overturned,

burning cars and at least one fatality)


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"NOTA BENE" LoL I was very pretentious back in those days.